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Europeans looking for Americans
Looking for my father  STRATTON,  Wayne Franklin (Butch); born 5 Aug 1941 at Manchester, Conn.; 5' 9", blond, hazel eyes, 2 tattoos on left arm. Was an American soldier stationed in Augsburg (Flak Kaserne) from 9 Apr 1960 to 18 Feb 1963. - (Wayne had a brother Kenneth E. at North Manchester, Indiana). Wayne's home address was 55 Waddell Road, Manchester, Conn. Civilian occupation after his discharge was employed by  Bezzini Bros. Furniture Co. 358 East Center Street, Manchester, Conn. (he started there on 15 May 1963). Bauer, Heidi, daughter of Franklin Wayne (Butch) Stratton and Brigitte FRISA. Brigitte resided at Schweizersraße 2, Augsburg, Germany and worked as a secretary at the time. She was 17 years old when Heidi was born on 13 June 1963 at Augsburg.  If you are Heidi's father or know of him, please contact Heidi at her e-mail address:  or the Webmaster shown at the bottom of this page.
Looking for my father. I am Marion Huber, born 14 June 1963 at Karlsruhe, Germany. My father was a married American officer stationed at Karlsruhe's suburb of Neureut. He knew my mother Monika Hudel (the brunette in the picture at the right) between 1962 and 1964. Monika was working as a waitress in the officers' mess. My mother Monika moved on to Ansbach, then Göppingen, and in 1968 to Virginia. She died of cancer at the age of 49. I would now really like to find my father. If you have been stationed at Karlsruhe-Neureut in 1962 and frequented the officers' mess and noticed the pretty 20 year-old Fräulein shown in the adjoining picture with her blonde girlfriend, and if you know which one of your fellow officers was dating Monika, please help me to established contact with my father. You may email me in all confidence at Marion Huber or write to the webmaster of this site.                            
Do you know this happy man? He is Henry, my father, he forgot to leave me his family name. He was in the US army driving a truck in Berlin in 1953 (he may have something wrong with a leg). The picture is dated 1953, but he was still in Berlin in 1954.

I was born on 8 February 1954 at Berlin-Reinickendorf, and my birth was registered as Detlef-Wolfram KUBIK son of Ruth Kubik, the blonde on Henry's shoulders. Ruth used to work in 1953/54 at a delicatessen on Müllerstraße. I had been put into a special home for children at the end of 1954 or beginning of 1955, but was adopted by a German family in 1956 and my name was changed to Helmut Liebig.

I found out too late who my mother was and never did meet her alive. She passed away in 2002. My father Henry would be in his 70s or 80s and I now hope to perhaps find him before he also passes away. If you know this man, or his full name, please help me to contact my father, or at least his relatives. Time is of essence.

I can be reached by email at Helmut Liebig or through the webmaster of this site.

If your name is James (called Jim) COOPER of Dearborn, Michigan, and your mother's name was Catherine, and if you recognize the woman on the left, then you have a daughter in Germany who would love to meet you or any half-sisters or half-brothers she may have in the US.

The young woman at left was called Martha BOOB back then (and she had blonde hair). She gave birth to a daughter named Gisela Boob on 26 July 1962 in Lampertheim (Hessen) Germany. Gisela is married and her name is Gisela Herdt and she is the one searching for you.

Jim COOPER was stationed at Coleman Barracks at Sandhofen near Mannheim about 1960/61. Jim was about 5'8' tall with blonde hair, and would have been born around 1942.

Mrs. Gisela Herdt (neé Boob), your daughter, is married, has two grown children (22 and 19) and one grand child. She is not interested in any money, just wants to find her roots, and would love to meet her natural father and/or brothers and sisters she may have in the USA, and above all, she wants to fill a nagging void in her life..

If you are Jim Cooper or know of him, please contact Mrs. Gisela Herdt by email at, or write to the webmaster of this site.

LORDAN, Charles D. You were stationed in Mainz, Germany in 1960/61. You knew the young woman at the right: Lieselotte Straub. You are or were probably a policeman in the US. Your parents ran a small grocery store. You and your family both knew that you have a son in Germany. His name is Michael Freund, and he is married, and he would like to find his roots, have contact with his father, and perhaps some day meet him and his family. If you are this man, or know of him, please email to , or the webmaster (see below).

STRAUB, Lieselotte Gave birth to your son Michael on 26 August 1961 at Mainz Kostheim, Germany. Michael's last name today is FREUND, He was raised by his maternal grandmother until she died when the boy was only 7 years old, at which time he was put into a "Kinderheim" (sort of an orphanage). The mother, Lieselotte, had married a German named Freund, and this is how Michael got the name Freund. The stepfather has, unfortunately, destroyed all earlier documents and papers including any correspondence there may have been from you to Lieselotte.
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