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Some Hungarians could be very hard to find

(A genealogist's nightmare)

An Associated Press article, run by the Ottawa Citizen (5 Aug 2000) tells of a man 75 years old who had been taken prisoner by Russian troops and put on a train to Siberia. When he seemed to be suffering from psychological problems the guards took him off the train at Kotelnich, Russia and he was admitted to the hospital there in 1947. He is still there.

He never learned to communicate in Russian, and since he had no one to speak to even his native tongue became garbled. No one knew where he was from, and sounds he made were ignored as gibberish. By sheer accident one of the doctors ran into a Police Major, an expatriate Hungarian, and asked him to try and speak to the man. He started to understand.

No records can be found about him by the authorities in either Russia or Hungary. The Foreign Ministry in Budapest says he may be brought back to Hungary as early as this month.


His name: András Andreyevich Tamás.


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