Other Examples of Spitzweg and Waldmüller for the Art Appreciation Exercise

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Little Old Town
Stork Drugstore
Mountain Hike
Where is the Fire
Sunday Hunter
Xmas Morning
Ox Cart
Alpine Pasture
Post Coach
Sleeping watchman
Distress sale
Behind the stage
Watch Patrol
Fishing Monk

The three larger pictures at the right and the Ox cart are by Waldmüller, all others are by Spitzweg.

Carl Spitzweg was born 5 Feb 1808, and died 23 Sep 1885. He was the son of Simon Spitzweg (1776-1828), a merchant. First known sketches are dated 1823. He first learned to be a pharmacist at the Royal Bavarian Court Pharmacy. His father died 1828 and Carl became the manager of the Löwen-Apotheke in Straubing. He studied pharmacology, botany and chemistry at the University of Munich. He was sickly and had to give up his pharmacy occupation. About 1833 he started to copy 17th century Dutch masters. Many of his pictures were on exhibit at the Paris World Fair of 1867. He died of a stroke at the age of  77.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller was born 15 Jan 1793, and died 23 Aug 1865. He was the principal master of the Viennese Biedermeier style of landscapes, portraits, family and children pictures.

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