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P.M. desperately wanted to find her American father. She had his name, date of birth, army unit number, and city where he resided. His name is unfortunately not uncommon, but Susan was able to narrow the search over the next year and eventually to speak with him on the telephone. He turned out to be a delightful septuagenarian who was delighted to learn he had a daughter looking for him and arranged a time for her to call him from Europe. Ironically, the daughter had lived several years in the US and was fluent in English. She made the call, they had a great spiritual meeting and within two weeks she flew over to meet her father. It was love at first sight, and she has been back again and the septuagenarian is now preparing to visit his daughter in Europe.

P.M. says: "I am the person who has just found her father after 56 years through the help of Susan LeDuc to whom I will be grateful forever. Susan, you have become so much a part of my life over the last year, that I am almost sorry that the case has come to a close! I am so happy about the outcome of all that, I cannot possibly explain -- actually, I think I am not fully aware yet, of what wonderful miracle has happened to me after so many years...I really don't know how to thank you for what you have done for me -- not just your search skills, but for moral support".

Webmaster's suggestion: Read the emotional description of this lady's feelings through many years and her ultimate jubilation when she was finally able to embrace her father. The story, in her own words, can be read in either English or German.

J. K. learned, a few months after his 55th birthday, his father's name and where he had resided in the USA. After sending Susan this information, she was able to locate extended family members within one day. Sadly, it was discovered that J. K.'s father had been deceased for two years. Nevertheless, Susan was able to provide some details about his father's life, and J. K. was able to make connections with an aunt and several cousins. He traveled to America in the fall of 2003 for a reunion, and plans to return next spring.

J. K. says: "It was very unexpected for me to hear after fifty long years so rapidly from you about my father... but yesterday was one of the most important days in my life, similar as a new birthday, I think... and so I thank you very much".

David had tried for several years without success to find his father. He knew his father's name and where he was from in Texas. Through library research Susan was able to determine the name of David's grandmother and found her to be still residing in the Texas town. The grandmother was very pleased and subsequently put David in touch with his father and two brothers.

David says: "First of all I thank Susan LeDuc for her help in finding my father in Arizona. I live in Germany, and was looking for him for years. Even though I didn't have much information since there wasn't much my mother could tell me (because both were too young to stay together), Susan found him! I am very happy and thankful, because I tried several times to find him, without success, and Susan helped me so much. A lifelong search (mine in the search of my father) has found an end! THANK YOU SUSAN, God bless you! David Lee Grenda, Germany"

K. F. knew his father was deceased, but longed to know more about his life. Within a few weeks Susan discovered several biographical details, plus photographs of his father and words written by him from military sources. K. F. desired further genealogical information, and Susan conducted additional research, completing a four-generation pedigree chart with accompanying family group records

K. F. says: "Many thanks for your efforts and help".

J. S. had been given his father's name, and very little else. The search was lengthy, but eventually Susan learned that his father had died several years ago. She also learned many biographical details about his life, provided photographs of him, and discovered that J. S. had a sister who welcomed her brother warmly into the family. Working through a translator. "J. was very very happy".

O. S. Over thirty years ago his parents divorced in Germany, and his father returned to America. Susan reunited father and son after a few days of research

O.S. says: "Dear Susan, I am so happy that you located my father. Thank you very much!!!! I cannot believe it!"

M. W. inherited several letters, and a haunting photograph left by her soldier father. He knew of her existence, but contact was lost after he returned to America. The German daughter had been told that she had an American half-brother, but did not have knowledge of his present address. Susan was able to discover that the veteran died several years ago, then the search led to the location of the half-brother, who also knew of a second half-brother, a paternal uncle and cousin (both practicing M.Ds). These relatives were able to provide an insight into the life and personality of M. W.'s father together with genealogical facts regarding her extended family. Her half-brother is now in email contact with her and they are getting to know each other in preparation to meeting in person.

M. W. says: "Susan, I want to thank you for your perseverance, and for your commitment. It helps so much to have outstanding information about my family, to know more about the type of man my father was, and to find my brothers. I cannot adequately express my gratitude."


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