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This site provides informative genealogy related articles invest in Baidu shares in India of interest to researchers tracing their roots in Austria or Hungary. All articles may be downloaded or printed for your personal use only and may not be published elsewhere without my permission. Comments and suggestions are invited and will be appreciated. If you have a web site of your own with related topics, feel free to link to this site.

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Who is Felix G. Game?
  • A retired professional genealogist and translator who had specialised mostly in Hungarian research but also handled Austrian research in the context of the Austro-Hungarian (Habsburg) Monarchy. He no longer accepts assignments.
  • Published author of a 550 page hard cover history of his family.
  • Columnist appearing in the past in several newsletters and magazines.
  • Felix G. Game makes his home in Ottawa, Canada.
  • For more information please visit the  introduction page .
Portrait of Felix G. Game
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Table of Contents

Articles  by Felix G. Game
  • A Hungarian Halloween? Folklore about Luca and village tradition.
  • About Language Difficulties.
  • Art appreciation as a tool to flesh out family histories.
  • Budaörs, historical Background.
  • Budaörs, Customs: Religion and Superstition.
  • Caveat Emptor. Buyer beware.
  • Hungarian Consular Services. Services and fees of the Hungarian Consulate.
  • Genealogical Number Crunching. Distribution of sexes at birth and child mortality.
  • German Migration to Hungary.
  • Hungarian Military Service. Who could be exempt, and who had to go.
  • Hungarian Roots in China. About the Ugars in Xinjiang province.
  • Hungary's ethnic German farmers around 1800. Part I: Their Homes.
  • Hungary's ethnic German farmers around 1800. Part II: Their Economy.
  • Is there a WW1 Flyer in your tree?
  • Nobility in your tree?   Basic concepts, what to watch for, and available resources.
  • Preponderance of Evidence. Two girls with identical names which is the right one?
  • Reading Hungarian Microfilm - understanding irregularities.
  • Research - Contact - Encounter. My trip to Hungary in 1994 to meet the "cousins".
  • Tip from the Pro. Unusual names for the 12 months.
  • Why Did They Want to Emigrate?
  • Write your Family History- Part  I - The WHAT
  • Write your Family History- Part II - The HOW

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  • The Game Ancestry . (See the second edition taking shape before your eyes).

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